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We recently traveled to Dubai to meet with a client to discuss colors, graphics and interior design for a new boat we are building for him. Dubai is an amazing city; it’s growth and scale of projects is unmatched. While there, I spent some time with Mr. Gianfranco Venturelli, Director of the Victory Racing Team. We toured Victory’s facility, and I felt like I was walking into Offshore Racing’s version of a Formula 1 race shop. Also while there, our client gave us his boat and captain to cruise the “Palm Island” and “The World” as well as other sights around the city. The Palm Island and The World are sea reclamation developments of an unbelievable scale. From the air they both look like their respective names. The Palm island is connected to the main land and the “World” is a series of privately owned islands that from the sky appear as a map of the world, 4-5 miles off shore. I found Dubai to be very friendly. English is the universal language there, so it is easy for people like myself to get around. I would recommend Dubai as a travel destination. On my next trip I plan to try the indoor snow ski sloop, built just a few miles from the ocean in the middle of what in 1994 was just a desert and two hotels. Dubai’s skyline just 13 years later rivals New York City – amazing!!
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