2010 Beach Stereo II


Florida, USA

2010 BEACH STEREO II! A couple of years back a client asked us to build a beach stereo to carry onboard their yacht to use when they have a beach party in some exotic part of the world. We built a them a completely self-contained I-pod driven waterproof Beach Stereo that made some incredible sound for its size. Two years later and it’s time for a NEW improved, bigger, badder Beach stereo. We just delivered this system built in-house at Custom Marine Sales in cooperation with Sound Investments. The system consists of 4 individual free standing speakers and a remote control box that contains the 10,000 watt amplifiers and processor as well as a computer-driven music bank containing over 100,000 songs. The system, music selection and volume is all controlled wirelessly via an Apple I-pad. The custom designed and built speakers are constructed in lightweight, cored, vacuum bagged, epoxy fiberglass and carbon fiber. The system is water and sand resistant and constructed to withstand the beach environment. The system is powered by a Honda whisper quiet generator that can be placed a distance away from the party. The sound quality and volume is very impressive! There is more to follow on the custom stereo front. We have jus teamed with Sound Investments to build a custom subwoofer system for a new night club project in Las Vegas, NV!!
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