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1994 38' Cigarette Top Gun w/ trailer !!

19' Novurainia, Diesel Powered Tender (SOLD!!!)

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2.  LATEST PROJECTS: Club ArKadia, Fontainebleau
3.  LATEST PROJECTS 2011, "Talisman-C" Tender
4.  1989 41' Apache
5.  APACHE Center counsel CHEAP! SOLD 7-2011!!
6.  Lake of the Ozarks waterfront home !!! SOLD!!!
7.  38' Cigarette Top Gun NEW PRICE 6-30-10!!!!!
8.  1991 35' Cigarette Cafe Racer (SOLD!!!)
9.  36' 2004 Skater (SOLD!!!)

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1 Latest projects; RUSSIA 2007 Cigarette 0.00 Details
First 46' Cigarette to RUSSIA. Working jointly with Cigarette and Russia's Cigarette dealer Burevestnik Yacht Club, Russia's most exclusive yacht club and marina, we traveled to Russia to deliver this 1075 powered 46' Cigarette in late August. We provided driving instruction and training as well as instruction on how to maintain and service this boat. The trip was very interesting, the people were great. I thought I would share some photos with you, Pete
2 Latest projects; BAHAMAS 2008 Cigarette 0.00 Details
New 50' Cigarette to the Bahamas!! Working jointly with Cigarette and Spormer Marine in St Tropez France, we delivered this new 50' Cigarette, the second of two built, with triple 850 Mercury�s and #6 drives, for an Italian client. Our services included driving instruction, delivery by water to Nassau Bahamas, training on how to care for and maintain for the full time Captain. We will manage, maintain and store this boat while it is in the US. It will be displayed at the Ft Lauderdale boat show and then travel to St Tropez France for the summer.
3 Latest projects: YACHT "HELIOS" NONE 0.00 Details
Thought everyone would enjoy taking a look at the yacht "Helios". We have built them two new custom tenders, as well as several other custom projects. The 45' Wally in the photos is one of them. They want only the best of the best, I think you will see what I mean. I have been lucky enough to spend some time with the owners and crew in some very exotic destinations. The people and thier operation is 1st Class. The yacht had a complete new interior and refit for the begining of the 2008 season. This site will show you the boat during our delivery of the wally last Easter and some of thier adventures this summer. They film and take photos constantly, then produce a Hollywood quality movie for the last day of each trip. The "Helios" is available for charter if you want to enjoy it first hand. Click on (you may have to type it on your browser) and be sure to watch the video!
4 Latest projects: Wally Tender CMS Edition NONE 0.00 Details
I just returned from Tunisia to inspect a project we are just getting underway. Our client request we "trick out" a 45' Wally tender for him. The factory is building the hull and we will complete the boat. It simply must have the most horsepower, be the fastest, biggest stereo, custom paint and graphics, and more options than any other Wally built. Sounds like a fun project! UPDATE!! The boat arrived Jan 3rd and we are well underway. We have added some new photos of the progress.
5 Latest Projects: WALLY CMS Edition Completed!! NONE 0.00 Details
The "Pimp My Wally" project has been completed and we just returned from the St. Maarten delivery. This has been a fun project. We received a hull with interior and house wiring and 8 1/2 weeks later loaded it on the ship for delivery. The crew worked day and night to get it to our client in time for his Easter vacation. We are very proud of this project. The boat is built to be the tender to a large yacht. It will be used for excursions from the mother ship around the world. It is equipped for diving with hidden tank storage area, underwater lights, and underwater camera. Full electronics allow the mother ship to monitor it's location at all times, however with the stereo blasting you can hear it further away than you can see it. With the diesel power it can be fueled from the mother ship in the most remote locations. Hope you enjoy the photos!
6 Latest projects: Radio control race boats! NONE 0.00 Details
I was on a recent trip with a client and it was mentioned that it would be fun to have some radio control boats they could race behind their yacht while at anchor. We found these 55" Skater cat replica's with a water cooled weed wacker engines. Knowing this client's appreciation for custom toys, we made a few mods and shipped them to him for his summer vacation. Thanks to Dave Hunter and crew for the custom graphics!
7 LATEST PROJECTS: Normans Cay 2012 NONE Details
NORMANS CAY 2012. This past July while vacationing in the Exumas (a chain of islands southeast of Nassau Bahamas about 250 miles by boat from Fort Lauderdale) We went to Norman�s Cay to do some exploring. I have been there in the past and since have researched some of the islands seedy history. Once used by rum runners, pirates and most notably, in the early 80�s, by drug kingpin Carlos Lehder as a hub to distribute cocaine to the United States. The island seems almost deserted when you arrive, A beachfront restaurant Mac Duffs is now closed and a dozen or so homes are on the north end of the island. I was in search of the old buildings and home of Lehder called �Volcano� for its stone fireplace in the center of the house. We found the ruins of the home and many buildings around the island. The Bahamas reclaims these buildings in a short time. These buildings have deteriorated to this condition from their heyday in the early 80�s to now. There is a book and several stories on the internet if your interested to know more.
8 Latest Projects: Dubai 50 CRT delivery NONE 0.00 Details
This October we delivered a new 50 Cigarette to it's owner in Dubai UAE. I was treated to many activities while I was there. My host were beyond accommodating. Besides delivering a shiny new Cigarette and boating around the "Palm Island" and "World" projects, I was invited to some fabulous parties and an off road rally. I will post more photos later.
9 LATEST PROJECTS: Club ArKadia, Fontainebleau NONE Details
We were contracted to build "Extra Special CMS Edition" speakers for the new club "ArKadia" in the Fontainebleau Hotel. We've dubbed them the "DEATH RAY" because we've been told they can make your ears bleed. Next time your in South Beach, stop by ArKadia and see how much sound four "DEATH RAY's" make. We have done several custom sound systems for Sound Investments, who is the leader in club and concert PA's. We are getting ready to introduce a line of high end "Beach Stereo" water resistant sound systems, Due out fall of 2011. No beach will be Safe!!
10 Latest projects: Build me a beach stereo that "Wails" NONE 0.00 Details
Need a stereo for the beach? We were asked to build a super boom box that will stand up to beach use and make some real sound. With the help of Todd the Stereo wizard and Grant's Custom Rigging we transformed this Cooler into a self contained water resistant I-pod driven Beach stereo. It looks innocent, but it makes more sound than I ever imagined�. Plans for an out board powered, drive to the beach, �Giga Beach Stereo� are in the works.
11 Latest projects: Atlantis delivery NONE 0.00 Details
I just returned from delivering a boat to Atlantis on Paradise Island, Nassau Bahamas. Every time I have been there I leave thinking this has to be the best aquarium in the world. The aquarium envelopes several acres and is surrounded by the buildings, pools, and restaurants. It is not as noticeable from the surface, but in several areas around the resort there are cave like tunnels with glass walls and ceilings that you can walk through. There is a water slide and lazy river that travel through glass tubes in the aquarium. Look closly at the last 2 photos, you will see people floating through the glass tubes on rafts. It is really quite amazing to think this was all built on an Island 200 miles off the coast of Florida. Everything had to be shipped by sea. I have attached some photos, enjoy! Peter
12 Latest projects : DUBAI NONE 0.00 Details
We recently traveled to Dubai to meet with a client to discuss colors, graphics and interior design for a new boat we are building for him. (There will be more details on the boat as this project progresses) Dubai is an amazing city, it's growth and scale of projects is unmatched. While there I spent some time with Mr. Gianfranco Venturelli, Director of the Victory Racing Team. We toured Victory's facility, I felt like I was walking into Offshore racing�s version of a Formula 1 race shop. While there our client gave us his boat and captain to cruise the "Palm Island" and "The World" as well as other sights around the city. The Palm Island and The World are sea reclamation developments of an unbelievable scale. From the air they both look like their respective names. The Palm island is connected to the main land and the "World" is a series of privately owned islands that from the sky appear as a map of the world, 4-5 miles off shore. I found Dubai to be very friendly. English is the universal language there so it is easy for unilanguage people like myself to get around. I would recommend Dubai as a travel destination. On my next trip I plan to try the indoor snow ski sloop, built just a few miles from the ocean in the middle of what in 1994 were just desert, and two hotels. Dubai's skyline just 13 years later rivals New York.
13 Latest projects : Delivery to the French Riveria NONE 359000.00 Details
During the Fort Lauderdale boat show we sold a 50' Nor-Tech to an Australian customer who asked that we deliver it to the Med for his summer vacation. The boat was loaded onto the Dock Wise ship in Fort Lauderdale. Their ships are filled with ballast water and "Sink" to drive the yachts on the deck from the stern. Divers place supports under the boats and the ship is raised. Upon arriving at the destination the process is reversed. I met the ship in the South of France and ran it to Antiebs to meet the client to start his trip. We stopped along the way in St Tropez. In September we will pick the boat up in Italy and reload it on the Dock Wise ship for the return and offer it for sale again. This boat is available now in Europe and Fort Lauderdale at the end of September. The owner has several boats and two very large boats under construction now. He has asked us to assist with a new custom boat that will replace the Nor-Tech for next year.
14 Latest projects : CABO SAN LUCAS NONE 0.00 Details
I recently met up with a client in Cabo Sam Lucas Mexico, to spend some time running the 46' Cigarette we custom built for him. It was my first time in Cabo and I had a great time. The desert like terrain is very mountainous. The water was clear and the beach and town were buzzing with activity. This boat has traveled over 20,000 miles on 3 trips to some awesome destinations around the world. Hard to believe that the hour meter just past the 30 total hour mark when we were flushing the engines and prepping it for the return trip home. I can't wait to see where the next trip takes us and to spend some with this great group of people.
15 LATEST PROJECTS 2011- Compass Cay - Exumas NONE Details
In February we took the new yacht "MOJO" for her maiden voyage to the Exuma�s. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We have been installing Sea Vision underwater lights on our boats for years. While at dock with 25' of water beneath us and another yacht adjacent to us with their lights on we had this amazing view of the water at night. We could literally watch the Starfish and Conch's move across the bottom. As small fish passed in front of the lights they cast a shadow across the bottom of a fast moving 20'long monster across the sea floor. I wanted to share these photos with you, enjoy!
16 LATEST PROJECTS 2011, "Talisman-C" Tender 2011 NONE Details
We are currently customizing a new Correct Craft Ski boat for the new 231' Yacht "Talisman-C" which was just launched March 21st 2011 and is nearing completion. The ski boat is powered by a Yanmar Diesel with a two speed transmission. Details and photos to come!
17 LATEST PROJECTS 2011 "Pimp my Ski Boat"!! 2011 NONE 0 Details
We recently completed customizing a new 23' Ski Nautique ski boat for the just launched 231' yacht "Talisman C". They required diesel power and modifications to lift and fit the boat into the tender garage in the side of the yacht. The boat is powered by a 315hp Yanmar 6 cyl Turbo Diesel and two speed ZF transmission in place of the standard gasoline V-8. A custom lifting system was designed and installed as well as other dimensional modifications done so they are not noticeable.
18 LATEST PROJECTS 2011 "Pimp my Sea Bob" NONE 0.00 Details
We recently customized three Sea Bob water scooters for a client. These electric water scooters are capable of pulling you 10MPH underwater and faster above the surface. They are a blast to play with. Built in Germany and designed by Porsche, they are not your average water scooter. A "CMS Edition" does bump the price up a bit, but anybody can own a stock Sea Bob for $17000.00
19 LATEST PROJECTS 2010, Beach Stereo part II 2010 NONE 0.00 Details
BEACH STEREO II, A couple years back a client ask us to build a beach stereo to carry onboard their yacht to use when they have a beach party in some exotic part of the world. We built a them a completely self contained I-pod driven water proof Beach Stereo that made some incredible sound for it's size. Two years later and it's time for a NEW improved, bigger, badder Beach stereo. We just delivered this system built in-house at Custom Marine Sales in cooperation with Sound Investments. The system consist of 4 individual free standing speakers and a remote control box that contains the 10,000 watt amplifiers and processor as well as a computer driven music bank containing over 100,000 songs. The system, music selection and volume is all controlled wirelessly via an Apple I-pad. The custom designed and built speakers are constructed in lightweight, cored, vacuum bagged, epoxy fiberglass and carbon fiber. The system is water and sand resistant and constructed to withstand the beach environment. The system is powered by a Honda whisper quiet generator that can be placed a distance away from the party. The sound quality and volume is very impressive! There is more to follow on the custom stereo front. We have jus teamed with Sound Investments to build a custom subwoofer system for a new night club project in Las Vegas, More details coming soon!!
20 LATEST PROJECTS 2010 "Polar Star" Tender 2010 NONE 0.00 Details
We did this "Facelift" for the Motor yacht "Polar Star" on their main tender a 30� Niaid aluminum hulled rigid inflatable. Powered by a single 500hp Caterpillar and a Hamilton water jet drive. The �Facelift� included new upholstery, flooring, stereo system, dash mods, custom removable stainless boarding rail, custom made telescoping swim ladder and more. Before and after photos are included
21 LATEST PROJECTS 2010 "Pimp my WOODY" 2010 NONE 0.00 Details
Niaid 4.8 Tender, We received this battleship grey aluminum hulled Naiad rib from one of our favorite clients with the instructions to "Pimp it out" like the other boats we have done for them. They picked a color and we did our thing. The aluminum hull underwent extensive modifications consisting of leveling the floor, improving the scupper drain system, replacing the broken transom, installing a rigging tube below the floor, adding cleat locations and removing the �impaling pole� welded to the bow and replacing it with a step on boarding bow design. The hull and counsel were the only parts of the boat we reused. The boat was repowered with a new Evinrude 90hp E-Tech outboard including their �Smart� electronic displays, the counsel had all the old holes welded closed and we started the equipment layout from scratch. Custom carbon fiber dash panels, top mount controls, and a flush GPS were added. The boat was completely rewired and rerigged. A PVC faux teak floor was installed as well as custom made inflatable tubes. �Before� and �After� photos are below.
22 LATEST PROJECTS 2010 "Exumas" NONE 0.00 Details
This past year we vacationed in the Exumas. It was such an incredible place that we planned and arranged trips for some of our clients and delivered their boats to the islands. The Exumas are considered out islands of the Bahamas. This chain of islands starts about 70 miles south of Nassau and extends south more than 100 miles. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It consists of thousands of pristine islands and silky smooth sand beaches. I am not sure if Pigs can fly, but I learned on this trip they can swim! There is an island there inhabited with wild pigs that have come accustomed to people bringing food to them by tender. We also spent some time in Compass Cay where they have "Pet" sharks that mill around the marina waiting for lobster cleaning time and some free dinner. They are actually quite used to people and they lay on the dock when the tide is high. This area is also home of the first protected sea park in the world. An AMAZING place!!!
We were asked by one of our boat clients to help with the repower of his Ultima GTR kit car. With the help of Dave Wesseldyk at Wesco Racing engines, we delivered a 550+hp Small block Chevrolet to fit within the tight confines of this chassis. Here are a few photos of the project. Just after completion a buyer came to see the car and said if it makes the power we said on the dyno, he would buy it. A short trip to the Chassis dyno proved over 560hp at the wheels of this 2400lb car. He bought it on the spot.
We were asked to customize a Yamaha Wave Runner for off shore fishing for a long time client. This has become a popular sport in Australia and growing in the US. Meeting the requirements with so little available space was a challenge. First we added custom LED navigation lights shaved into the mirrors and rear seat handle. Navigation electronics included a GPS chart plotter and 3D depth sounder with a separate display. Fish rod holders were added as well as a live well fed with an in hull mounted supply pump. This system also supplies pitch bait tubes for live bait at the rear of the live well. The live well is easily removed and replaced by a cooler. Fish bags were installed to haul back the catch. Range was an issue as this will be used for long distance runs so an auxiliary 9 gallon fuel tank was added with a electric transfer pump to refill the main tank from the dash. All the accessories required an improved electrical system with safety power reserve. An additional battery and custom charging system were also added. We just shipped this unit off to Panama and will have some more photos and details coming soon. Three additional "Fish Ski's" are in process to be completed soon.
25 CMS Edition "Big Cheese" beach chairs NONE Details
We found one of these Giant beach chairs in a store and had to have one. Because we can�t leave well enough alone, we customized it. Since then we have customized chairs for clients. Fishing chairs, Beach Chairs, Dock Chairs with sound systems and lights, and Umbrella Chill out Chairs.
26 BURNING MAN, 80,000 WATT STEREO!!! NONE 0 Details
We just completed an 80,000 watt weatherproof amplifier system for a new "Art Car" to debut at the 2011 "Burning Man" Festival. Our project powers the sound system for this "Steam Punk" art car rolling soundstage. We'll have photos and details next week after the unveiling. Check out BURNING MAN on this video, you will have to cut and paste it on your browser and delete the space between the "?" and "v" until I figure out how to post this correctly: v=33e_gb9VAIs&feature=fvst Over 50,000 people gather in the desert every year for this event. More details and photos coming next week!!
27 "Pimped" Chrysler 300, Italy NONE 0 Details
More photos to come!
More of our "BURNING MAN" project. Custom amplifiers for an 80,000 watt PA. This is the power for the ART CAR sound stage project to be unveiled next week. These amplifiers have to withstand the elements. Rain, dust storms of corrosive dust, and high heat. The amplifier system runs on 3 phase 220volt power and if you circulated it the output to the speakers is the equivalent of 160 horsepower. These amps make a lot of heat. They not only had to perform and withstand the harsh environment, they had to look cool. We made clear covers and light effects inside the housings to pull that off. The cooling snorkel is lit with computer controlled mufti color LED lights along with reflective back lighting to create the effect.

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